Tommy Emmanuel – Rachel’s Lullaby

Von | 29. September 2018

Ein Song für Tommy’s Tochter Rachel – und wenn man gaaanz genau hinhört, kann man auch einige Vibes von Beatles “Black Bird” raushören…

Tommy selbst über diesen Song:
“I wanted to share a video with my good friend and accomplice, Jake Shimabukuro, performing “Rachel’s Lullaby” from Accomplice One. My wife told me I should write a lullaby for our daughter, Rachel. I agreed! I had been listening to a lot of Beatles music in the week prior to writing this song, and Rachel’s favorite song is “Black Bird”. I tried to channel some of that mojo that touches the heart and satisfies the soul. Jake added his shimmering ukulele to the melody line and weaved his magic into the track masterfully. On the album version, Rachel was captured singing and playing her ukulele by her grandmother, and we edited it onto the front of this song. I really got a kick out of adding her sweet voice to my album. I hope you enjoy it!”

Rachel's Lullaby | Collaborations | Tommy Emmanuel with Jake Shimabukuro

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